36 / Snakebite and 64bc3

April 30, 2010

A musical posting today... Firstly my old friend Rodney, AKA Roots Manuva has self released an absolute banger of a single through his BananaKlan label. The song entitled Snakebite is heavy... Go purchase it here NOW!!

Secondly the very talented Kovas has managed to get the NinjaForum producers making beats for the 64 Bar Challenge part 3 and it's an absolute corker of a mix!!! Download it for free HERE.

1. Tom M: 64 wobbles from Hillbrook road
2. Rave Van Donk: Bacon
3. Day of Vengeange: Fulfillit2
4. Melonhands: Crinklecut
5. Remdog: March you idle fools
6. Remdog: v52
7. The Mexican Bob: Theme from motion picture Spirit Monkey
8. Kobra Audio Labs: Why trip hops sucks in 2k10
9. Secet Producer: Soprano
10. Kovas: Flow
11. Monkizzle: Patrice gave it up
12. Sir Ape: ZweiDickDamen
13. Techniken DefunkusComprehension
14. James++: Hesistant pressure
15. Erg: Majorkusanagi
16. Techniken Defunkus: Impressions
17. Bobby Corridor: Probably 176
18. Proof of Concept: I dream this while you see monsters