343 / Beyond Babel

June 29, 2012

Way back in 2001 a couple of weeks before 9/11, I was commissioned by the Home Office film department, to paint a huge wall at Millennium Mill, as part of a title sequence for a series of programmes on the English language.
The series was called Beyond Babel and it has since been syndicated all over the world.

I was invited down to see the rough edit of the footage on the morning of the 11th of September and I sat open mouthed in the Home Office film department watching the Twin Towers topple on the numerous televisions inside the room, only metres away from number 10. No one was allowed to leave the building for almost 3 hours! And the craziness that ensued will be with me for the rest of my days. I watched the secret service lock down the whole of whitehall with me inside it, it was bizarre!!

11 long years later and I see Shepard Fairey has painted the same wall, so I thought I'd share the title sequence, a film still of the wall I painted and the story of my 9/11 experience...